This Blog is Changing..

As you may have noticed this blog hasn’t been updated in a very long time. Part of it has to do with lack of motivation and part of it is that I am just not reading as much as I used to. I miss having a creative outlet (even if I was terrible at updating often lol) so I thought it might be best to broaden the subject matter of this blog to include other interests and hobbies. Doing so will give me more reasons to update without feeling pressure to finish my current read just to post a review.

So.. This blog is changing. To what? A mixture of topics; family life, books, beauty & skincare, music, TV shows, décor, whatever else I feel like talking about. Expect some changes to the look and feel of the blog. I am hoping to update it all in the coming weeks so I can share some exciting news with you!

Stay tuned (if you’re interested..) for new content!!