Choke – Chuck Palahniuk

From Good Reads: “We can more or less deduce the following of the main protagonist in Choke; Victor Mancini is a ruthless con artist. Victor Mancini is a medical school dropout who’s taken a job playing an Irish indentured servant in a colonial-era theme park in order to help care for his Alzehimer’s-afflicted mother. Victor Mancini is a sex addict. Victor Mancini is a direct descendant of Jesus Christ. Welcome, once again, to the world of Chuck Palahniuk.”

Here is another brilliantly disgusting novel by the one and only, Chuck Palahniuk. And this one is by far my favorite. Victor Mancini is a slightly disturbed man, on a mission for money. His means to getting it? Choking on food and having people “save” him. He then asks to keep in touch with his “saviors” and every holiday receives a card with money in it. Now off the bat, Victor doesn’t seem all that likable. Am he mostly isn’t. But all of this conning is for a good cause, to pay for his mothers care. Chuck Palahniuk doesn’t leave anything out. I laughed out loud and cringed with disgust. He knows how to cause reactions from his readers. I’m a huge fan of Mr. Palahniuk, and if you’re not one to scare easily, you’ll be a huge fan too.

Rating – 5/5


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