Reading Challenge

Hello readers and fellow bloggers!

I’ve spent the majority of my day off today reading other blogs and trying to familiarize myself with book blogging. As I am still new to this world, this blog is no where near great/perfect. I noticed on a lot of blogs people were doing book challenges. This seems like a fun way to connect with books and the roots of the challenge. So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and accept the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge. Why Rory Gilmore? Gilmore Girls is by far my favorite show.. ever! I love the family dynamics, the quirky dialogue, the pop culture references and Rory’s reading! I’m continuously going through all the seasons, 1-7. And when I am finished I start it all over again! (Addicted? I think so!)

Now, I haven’t set a time limit on it. Being busy with my current job and looking for another, and possibly school next fall, I didn’t want to add anymore stress to my life. Reading is fun, I’d hate for it to feel like a chore. So for now, this is an open challenge. On another note – I will not only read the books on this list. Lets face it, there are a lot of wicked new books out/coming out and I’d hate to miss the opportunity to read any of them. Does this hinder the challenge? I really hope not.

So let the challenge begin! I’ve already read a few from the list and have some favorites from it (1984, Slaughter-House Five.) Which means I’m already on the Rory Gilmore challenge path! Go me!

I also want to challenge YOU to join (either Rory Gilmore’s or another one). And if you’re already taking part in one, mention it in the comments section! I’d love to hear about other challenges and why you decided to join it.




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