Day 2: Least Favorite Book

I don’t think I have a least favorite book. I try not to judge books too much based on whether I disliked it, because mood and time determine these opinions. But for the sake of this challenge, I am going to pick The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I found this book insanely hard to get in to and complete. I made it halfway before having to put it down. I didn’t understand the plot, and his style of writing made it difficult to follow. I ended up watching the movie just to understand this book. However, I do want to eventually give this book another chance as it’s a favorite of many people.

Have you read The Road? What did you think of it?

From Goodreads: “Ask any literary critic — and most discerning readers — to name the greatest living American novelist, and Cormac McCarthy is sure to surface as a major contender. Best known for his powerful regional fiction (Sutree, the Border Trilogy, Blood Meridian, et al), this dazzling prose stylist crafts tragic, unforgettable stories suffused with violence, alienation, and an undeniably apocalyptic vision. Now, in what we consider McCarthy’s best novel to date, the apocalypse itself becomes a set piece. Unfolding in a terrifying future where Armageddon has been waged and lost, The Road traces the odyssey of a father and his young son through a desolate landscape of devastation and danger. Powerful, moving, and extraordinary by any standard, this is McCarthy at his greatest and gravest.”


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