Pulp – Charles Bukowski

From Goodreads: “Opening with the exotic Lady Death entering the gumshoe-writer’s seedy office in pursuit of a writer named Celine, this novel demonstrates Bukowski’s own brand of humour and realism, opening up a landscape of seamy Los Angeles.”

Pulp was a satiric noir detective novel following Nick Belane, a seedy no-good unprofessional professional. Belane first encounters Lady Death who hires him to find a writer by the name of Celine. After her visit, a slew of other work opportunities show up, most importantly – The Red Sparrow. Belanes terrible workmanship make this an interesting ride of filth, humor and downright foulness. However, all is in good fun as we journey across town with Belane while he stalks Celine and tries to track down the mysterious Red Sparrow, along with watching another clients wife who is presumed cheating.

Charles Bukowski dedicated this novel to bad writing, but this book was quite the contrary. It is nothing like the classics, the writing in simple and the format is odd. It does however fall true with its title, Pulp. Unique, quirky, and sometimes disgusting; these are just a few adjectives to describe this book.

I really enjoyed this book. I was reminded so much of Chuck Palahniuks’ work. Perhaps this is the original Chuck? The one who inspired the likes of Choke, Haunted, and other Palahniuk novels? Either way, I’ve found a new Author to add to the favorites list.

Rating – 4.5/5



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