Two Months

As you can see from the lack of posts and updates that I have been neglecting the blog quite a bit since early last year. Why? WEDDING planning!! In exactly 2 months today, I will be walking down the aisle towards the most amazing man ever! ❤

My time has been stolen away by planning and school and work. As soon as everything settles down and I get a chance to read more, I will blog more! I promise! lol

In the mean time, I am currently reading the thrilling thriller (yea, I wrote that) Gone Girl! It has definitely brought back some of my forever missing reading mojo. If you’re in a reading funk, I definitely recommend this book to help you get out of it. Not a hard book to read, and not the most amazing writing.. but it is beyond interesting! A whodunnit story with a twist!

In other book related news, this weekend was my bridal shower hosted by my best friends! And guess what theme it was? BOOKS! I walked away with some super awesome vegetarian cookbooks and Chapters gift cards to splurge on books with! Right now I am browsing the website trying to decide what to buy… tough choices!!


So much fun! Never thought I would be having a bridal shower any time soon.. It was beyond amazing though! I have awesome friends ❤

I’ll try to get a book review out soon. Perhaps Gone Girl, once finished!





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