Love Anthony – Lisa Genova


“From the award-winning New York Times bestselling author of Still Alice and Left Neglected, comes a heartfelt novel about an accidental friendship that gives a grieving mother a priceless gift: the ability to understand the thoughts of her eight-year-old autistic son and make sense of his brief life.

Two women, each cast adrift by unforseen events in their lives, meet by accident on a Nantucket beach and are drawn into a friendship.
Olivia is a young mother whose eight-year-old severely autistic son has recently died. Her marriage badly frayed by years of stress, she comes to the island in a trial separation to try and make sense of the tragedy of her Anthony’s short life.
Beth, a stay-at-home mother of three, is also recently separated after discovering her husband’s long-term infidelity. In an attempt to recapture a sense of her pre-married life, she rekindles her passion for writing, determined to find her own voice again. But surprisingly, as she does so, Beth also find herself channeling the voice of an unknown boy, exuberant in his perceptions of the world around him if autistic in his expression—a voice she can share with Olivia—(is it Anthony?)—that brings comfort and meaning to them both.”

This book is the third novel written by Lisa Genova. I absolutely adored Still Alice and Left Neglected, and this one didn’t disappoint either. Although slightly different from the others (less medical, more about the characters) it was still a great read!

The story is a tough one, following grief and loss and betrayal. Olivias journey starts off with a loving husband and an adorable son. Their son, Anthony, is not like other boys his age. He seems to be stuck in toddlerhood, while other kids are growing fast and verbal. After a few tests, they find out that Anthony is autistic, an unexpected curveball that throws life off balance.

In contrast to this, Beth has the perfect family. A husband of many years and three gorgeous daughters. But nothing can be perfect right? Beth soon finds out that her husband has been cheating on her with a co-worker.. a beautiful and young co-worker. Horrified, she kicks him out and has to rediscover herself through this new chapter in her life.

Beth and Olivia soon meet up and their stories mix beautifully together. They share each others love and loss and grief through Anthony’s moving story, bonding the women in a supernatural way.

If you’re a fan of a good story about overcoming obstacles, finding ones true self, and believing in the power of family and friends.. then this is a perfect book to pick up!

Rating: 3.75/5



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