Birthday Book Buys!

My birthday came and went with a splash! I spent the day with my wonderful husband in Montreal ❤ We shopped and then went to our absolute favorite restaurant (L’Usine de Spaghetti. EVERYONE must go!!) Afterwards we met up with one of my BFFs and her boy for drinks. It was SO much fun!



There’s a lovely photo by my talented husband! (Taken on our mini honeymoon in Montreal)

On top of my super awesome day, I also got some wicked gifts; including a gift card for boooooooks.

So this is what I spent the gift card on:



Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell! I absolutely adored Eleanor & Park and want to see if this is just as good! There has been a lot of good buzz surrounding this book, so my hopes are pretty high!


I’ve been hearing great things about this book and David Levithan. The concept intrigued me, especially written in dictionary format?? I also chose this book because I needed to find an Alternative Format Teen book, and what’s more alternative than a dictionary?? I know, this is not technically a teen book but so many of his readers are teens and have boasted about this I think it works! I cannot wait to read this!



This will be my first Neil Gaiman book, and I am super excited to read it! I’ve only been hearing amazing things about him for years, so its about time I picked one of his books up! Not sure if this book is where I should begin this journey (What are your fave Gaiman books?!!?) but I figured it couldn’t hurt!


I couldn’t get enough of the show. It was soooo beyond addicting!!! Figured I would get my fix until the next season (I hope this is still happening?!) by reading the book it is based on!

Soooo YAY NEW BOOKS!! I’m excited to get started on these!!


What are your recent purchases?


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