An unrelated post to books.

Aside from reading and buying books, one of my other favourite hobbies is getting inked! It’s a weird, painful, and wonderful hobby. A few weekends ago The Ottawa-Gatineau Tattoo Expo came to town and my husband and I went to see our favourite artist and get inked by him. That was one long and painful weekend, but totally worth it all! The results were amazing!

Friday evening was spent getting the husbands ink done. He already had two previous pieces done by rich on his arm (an old school camera and a microphone) and decided to add roses and 3 Owls (doing the “see no evil, hear to evil, speak no evil” motions.) it turned out beautifully!!



So once it heals and the colours mellow out, it will become one piece with room to grow!

Now on to Saturday, the longest day of my life. I’ve always wanted a half sleeve. But the idea of working on it in various sessions didn’t appeal to me. Especially because my artist doesn’t live in my city and I only see him once a year! That is a very long time between sessions. So I decided to do something crazy and get it all done in one day! ONE DAY! Boy did it hurt! It took 11 hours total (not including breaks) to complete! I managed to do pretty well up until hour 10. I didn’t think I would finish.. I am SO glad I did! It turned out AMAZING!!!! Check out the pictures of my Japanese Phoenix, from outline to colour!








Are you inked? What is your favourite tattoo?


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