Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books Of


This is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

I’m a day behind! Sorry! But this one looked too fun to pass up!

Here are my top ten:

1. Charlaine Harris – 18 books. I love the Trueblood series so this accounts for the high number! Plus I’ve tried out a few of her other series!

2. Philippa Gregory – 15 books. I love her Tudors series! Historical Fiction is quite juicy and she does a great job writing it!

3. Chuck Palahniuk – 11 books. One of my fave authors! I adore his books!!! I still have a few I haven’t read yet or purchased. Must do that soon!

4. Irvine Welsh – 11 books. Trainspotting was so good I had to own his other books! I’ve only read one other of his books so far.. I should probably read more lol

5. J.K. Rowling – 10 books. Well Harry Potter takes up the majority of those books. And I have read and own her two adult books. I need to buy the latest one!

6. Paulo Coelho – 9 books. So far I have only read The Alchemist and loved it. I want to read more of his.. Hence owning so many!

7. Jack Kerouac – 8 books. I love the beats generation and adored On the Road!

8. Kurt Vonnegut – 8 books. Slaughterhouse-five is one of my fave books! I love his writing style (both fiction and nonfiction)

9. Jasper Fforde – 8 books. Thursday Next series rocks!! I also own a couple of his other books to check out.

10. I have two others that tied at 8 books. Jodi Picoult and Agatha Christie! Jodi is great for super emotion driven books and Agatha writes a good mystery!

Who are your top ten authors you own the most books of?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books Of

  1. lauratfrey says:

    I seriously need to expand my Irvine Welsh collection. You might want to start with Porno or Glue, which both have some characters from Trainspotting, I think… Porno does for sure, not 100% certain about Glue. Glue does have one of the most disturbing scenes I’ve ever read in a novel, which is saying a lot… just to warn you!

  2. Kate @ The Book Bee says:

    Philippa Gregory, ugh! Back when everybody was super into The Other Boleyn Girl (so when I was 13), I tried reading the book and just about died. I wanted to read about magic, not sex and political intrigue! I LOVE historical fiction now but I’ve never gone back to that book. I think maybe my psyche is trying to protect me from myself?

    I do see her books all over Goodreads and I know I would love them, but I’m just worried that I’ll still not like it…:/

    • Shannon says:

      Her books are definitely heavy with sex and politics. I can see why you were disappointed. I loved the books but I came in to it knowing very little about the Tudors. Her Cousin’s War series eludes more to magic. And her teen book Changeling did as well.

      If you do end up re-reading The Other Boleyn girl I hope you enjoy it this time around!

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