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I’ve always considered that my bookcases give a pretty fair representation of me as a person—they show my interests, what kind of things I like, that I have a curious mind, the kinds of things I study … all that. But with the increase of e-books, that litmus test of personality is going by the wayside. Unless someone takes my Kindle and browses through it, there isn’t an immediate, visible display of my interests … am I the only one who finds that kind of sad? Going forward, about the most we’ll be able to tell about someone is that they OWN an e-book reader … but no real idea of what they actually read. I’m going to miss that.

I rarely use my e-reader, and when I do it is mostly for netgalley’s. I have yet to purchase actual books for it. SO my bookcases will continue to overflow and “tell my story.” But the idea that some people will be buying and displaying less hardcopies of books for the convenience of ebooks does make me sad. I LOVE browsing peoples shelves when I visit their places. I love seeing what interests them and what we have in common. Not being able to do that will definitely be a bummer. I just hope they will have a online database (Shelfari, Goodreads, etc.) of their collection!


2 thoughts on “Bookcases – Booking Through Thursday

  1. Madame Vauquer says:

    I also have a reader for which I’ve never made a purchase. I love 19th Century books, so I use it for free etexts of them, mostly from Project Gutenberg. Anyone looking at my bookshelves would think that Balzac was the only author from the 19th Century that I ever read.

    Can you imagine, now, when the hostess briefly leaves the room, instead of drifting over to the bookcases, we spot her e-reader on the end table and . . .

    • Shannon says:

      The free classics are nice on e-readers! Being able to access them easily and at no cost is a huge draw!

      Haha I would probably be tempted to snoop through the hostess’ e-reader. Just hope I wouldn’t get caught because that might be awkward.. lol

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