Enmity – Booking Through Thursday



Any books or authors you hate? Why? Is it the writing? The stories? The author’s personality? And—would you read their work anyway?

hmm… This is a tough one. Off the top of my head I cannot think of any authors that I absolutely HATE. There are some who I dislike based on their work or their appearances in the public. It may stop me from reading their work but if there is at least some positive buzz about their books then I will probably pick it up anyways. I read A Million Little Pieces before the world found out that James Frey was a liar and a super shady business owner. I actually enjoyed the book! And even since learning it was all made up I quickly changed it from non-fiction to fiction in my head. No problem. But the business side of him is really turning me off of his books..and there isn’t enough raving about them to convince me to read them.. so I probably wont. Oh wells.

What about you?

4 thoughts on “Enmity – Booking Through Thursday

    1. Yea, it sucked that he lied to people who truly believed him but it didn’t bother me. Plus, the book was so over the top I didn’t believe it all happened anyways. But it was entertaining!

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