School Discoveries – Booking Through Thursday



We all had to read lots of different things in school—some of which we liked, some of which we didn’t. Are there any authors that you’ve grown to love because you were introduced to them in your English Lit class? Or—the contrary. Are there any you hate because you were forced to read them? Did you ever go back to try them again?

I fell in love with George Orwell and 1984 thanks to my english class in High School!! It is one of my favourite books now. A lot of the books I read for school I liked but didn’t enjoy the tests and essays we had to do with them. The extra work kind of ruined the books for me. Buuuuut I can appreciate them now and a lot of them have become favourites of mine too!

What about you?


10 thoughts on “School Discoveries – Booking Through Thursday

  1. Madame Vauquer says:

    I have not yet recovered from having to read Jane Austen in school and it was well over fifty years ago, lol. I think I might have tried once to read one later but didn’t succeed.

    I had one teacher who was a nut for Shakespeare and I enjoy reading his works to this day. Perhaps my best takeaway is a love of poetry including the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg among others.

    • Shannon says:

      We had to read one of Shakespeare’s works every year in high school English classes. It was brutal. I didn’t really enjoy them then but they are not so bad anymore!

      I wish we focused more on poetry! I will has to check out works by the poets you mentioned!

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