Recommendation – Booking Through Thursday



If a friend asks you to recommend a really good book—good writing, good characters, good story—but with no other qualifications … what would you recommend?

HARRY POTTER! HARRY POTTER! hehe The whole series! This is the first thing to come to mind when I think of good characters, writing, and plot. I loved every minute of it and I highly recommend it to everyyyyyyyone.

What about you?


4 thoughts on “Recommendation – Booking Through Thursday

  1. Jessica Bates says:

    That’s always tough for me! I really try to think about the person, their likes and dislikes. For my sister who isn’t super into reading, I try to think of a book with a character who’s really into animals. For my husband, who also doesn’t read a lot, I know he likes things with a lot of technology. I try not to recommend one book across the board unless it’s a book I just read and I’m SUPER into it at that moment. 😉

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