Let the moving begin…


Two major events happening today:

1. My contract at my current job is ending 😦 It has been a wonderful year and I will miss it! Luckily I have another contract lined up with a different department. A fun new adventure!!

2. We are moving in to the new house this evening!!! I am so beyond excited (and majorly exhausted.) I can’t wait to be settled in and moved out of the apartment. Unfortunately we will not be 100% moved out of the apartment.. packing and working has to be one of the worst combinations ever. We have majorly slacked on the packing part due to sheer tiredness after a long day at work. Luckily we have the apartment until the end of October. We will move all of the big furniture to the house tonight and worry about the few unpacked portions some other time. The most important part was my books whiiiich I packed up! Yay!!

So things may be quiet here for awhile while we settle in. Unless I decide to ignore the unpacked boxes 😉 haha Husband would not be happy if I did!

What’s happening with you?!


5 thoughts on “Let the moving begin…

  1. hyperaboutbooks says:

    Good luck with your new contract and moving. I’m also just redecorating my room, getting it painted and replacing the carpet. I don’t know how you will manage to pack a whole house. Just clearing out one room for me was enough 😛

  2. Madame Vauquer says:

    Nothing much going on here. I’m exhausted just thinking about your move and thanking my lucky stars it’s not me, lol. The joy of being in your own home should give you a shot of adrenaline.

    • Shannon says:

      haha thank you!!! Our own home is nice but it still hasn’t motivated me enough to unpack everything! I did get my library up thought… the most important part of the house 😉

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