Free Time Fridays (July 24)


Free Time Fridays is a weekly meme created and hosted by eatupmyfreetime.

On Fridays we will recap how we spent our free time during the week + our plans for the weekend! ie. Did you read? If so, what books? Did you shop? Listen to any cool tunes? Binge watch any cool TV shows? Take any trips lately? I want to hear all about it!! You can either mention ALL of the ways you spent your free time that week or focus on one activity. Whatever your heart desires!

My Free time: This week has been insanely long. No joke. I think my excitement for holidays made it DRAG……ON……. ugh. But yay!! It is almost over and I will be on my way to a nice relaxing week with the famjam!! Can’t wait!!

wpid-image_14.jpg(White – Azzy, Beige – Buzzy, Grey – Mally)

  • Mally (the sick Chinchilla) had his dental surgery on Tuesday and it went well! The doctor said he was a super good patient! He is recovering now but seems to be doing good.
  • We bought the Trio (the 3 male Chinchillas we adopted together: Mally, Buzzy, and Azzy) a new super big cage. They are quite chunky so we thought some more room would do them well! hehe

New cage! Big eh?? wpid-image_11.jpgwpid-image_16.jpgwpid-image_13.jpg

L – Old pic of Trio when we first got them. R- Bath time!

  • House cleaning and arrangements for the furbabies took up the majority of my free time this week. I am pooped.
  • I finished The Good Girl by Mary Kubica and really enjoyed it! Hopefully I will find some time to post a review.. because it has been way too long since the last one. I fail as a book blogger.


  • Packing books for holidays is SO hard. I am a mood reader.. I usually decide on the spot what I want to read based on my trying to do that beforehand always sucks. I think I will pack the Just One Day series by Gayle Forman! A light/fun beach read.

jod We leave tomorrow morning for vacation! FINALLY! yay yay yay. Ok, it is your turn! Tell me about your Free Time.

xox, Shannon

If you want to take part just save the graphic (right-click + save) and copy the blurb and make sure you link it to Don’t forget to add your link with your answer by commenting below! If you do not have a blog, please feel free to answer through the “comments” option as well! Anyone can take part in this meme!


2 thoughts on “Free Time Fridays (July 24)

    • Shannon says:

      They do!! They excitedly run around and explore every inch! 😀 We wanted to get this for them awhile ago but they are not cheap! Glad we were finally able to do it!

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