Back to Real Life..


I can’t believe vacation is already over! I look forward to this week of holidays all year and the minute it gets here it goes by so quickly.. cry. I guess it is time to get back to real life.

I miss it. Vacation was TONS of fun. We shopped (way too much) and hung out at the beach. We visited wineries and drank lots of yummy wines AND ATE SO MUCH FOOD. I probably gained 20lbs last week. It was so worth it. The food there is delicious!

I didn’t find much time to read *thumbsdown* We were out and about a lot and didn’t feel up to it when we got back to the cottage. I did manage to find time to buy books 😉 There is always time to shop.. especially for books!


I picked up some used books (mostly classics) from the library book sale and the local book shop. If I had more money I would’ve come home with more.. Husband wouldn’t like that too much. lol.

Can I go back like NOW?!?! 😦

How was your week/weekend?




2 thoughts on “Back to Real Life..

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks! I’ve read Gatsby and own it already but loved this older edition! I’ve been meaning to read Silas Marner! Heard great things about it 😀

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