A forever student?


School has officially started! Yay!

It feels odd being back in school.. but I totally missed it. I mentioned in another post that I applied to University part-time (Communications Studies Major)Β to slowly work towards a degree. I need this in order to get to my ultimate goal of a Master’s of Library Science. It will be a long journey. One class at a time. But I am ok with that! I love my Library Technician Diploma and the job opportunities it allows so I am in no rush to become a Librarian.

I decided to do University differently this time around. Distance Education-style! Such a different experience. I know I am back in school right now but I don’t FEEL like I am. With no classes to attend and working on my own time/at my own pace is odd.. but kind of liberating. I get to continue to work full-time while attending school which alleviates SO MUCH STRESS! Yay! Distance Education FTW.


BUT – finding motivation and avoiding distractions is so hard. I had my first study session at Starbucks yesterday. Coffee + readings is usually a good combo. However, this particular Starbucks seemed to enjoy super loud music and my concentration totally sucked because of it. I would read a sentence..then zone out. So annoying. Today I will hit up the public library instead and hope the quieter atmosphere helps me stay focused. I need to get my readings done like NOW. I do not want to fall behind.

Please send me motivation, speedy reading skills, and lots and lots of coffee!!!

How are you? Heading back to school? What are you/will you be studying?


4 thoughts on “A forever student?

  1. Dagny says:

    You want to know a forever student? I saw a recent interview with William Hurt and he mentioned when he went back to school for two classes at age 61. That’s not the oldest I’ve heard of at all, just the most recent and fresh in my mind.

    Glad you are enjoying the Distance Education. It sounds heaven-sent for someone with a job and a home to take care of.

    • Shannon says:

      That’s awesome! We are never too old to go back to school! 😁
      Thank you πŸ™‚ I am so glad I came across a school that offers online degrees because I really can’t afford to work part-time at the moment.

  2. logankirby says:

    Sounds familiar! I’ve been taking classes off and on for a decade. Between working full time and having a young child, it always was on the back burner. Good luck with classes. Reading and Starbucks sounds like heaven!

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