New and Old Books!

It has been a very good week for new (to me) books! I ordered a few with birthday money and got some freebies from work (thanks to people who moved out of the office but didn’t want to take the books with they. Score!)


Purchased What Goes Around (a two book combo) by Courtney Summers. One of the books in here – Some Girls Are – has recently been challenged by a parent and then banned from a high school due to content and language. I am not a fan of censorship.. especially when a person feels the need to get books banned FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Ick. Not cool. So I had to see what all of the fuss is about..


I am on a Library Cozy Mystery kick right now. Loooove stories with Librarians as the main character. I picked up a few sequels and a new library mystery to feed in to this new addiction. Tons of fun!


And the freebies! Thank you to the people who left these behind. I am always down for new items to add to my collection 😉

What new books did you receive this week?

xo, Shannon.


5 thoughts on “New and Old Books!

  1. Dagny says:

    I loved The Lost World! I’m not saying it’s better than Jurassic Park, but I found it more suspenseful. I couldn’t stop reading.

    I’m currently reading Harris’ first Aurora Teagarden mystery, Real Murders. I read it and another years ago and then forgot about the series. I’m picking it up again and re-reading/reading in order.

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