Conversation – Booking Through Thursday



Do you have people you can talk to about books you’ve read? Share delight in plot twists, explore how much fun it was, or how badly written?

I have quite a few people I can talk to about books with!

My Husband – A non-reader who listens to me rant/rave/gush over my current reads! He surprisingly never tells me to shut it even when I don’t stop talking about books haha. True love right there folks!

My BFFs – They both like to read and discuss books! We share book recommendations all the time! Love it ❤ One BFF also shares her moms recommendations because her mom and I used to discuss books at length when we worked together!

My Mothers – Both my Mom and MIL love to read. We talk about our favourite authors/books. My mom loves to read young adult books so she is a great person to give YA recommendations to.

I also have some online friends who are huge readers and enjoy discussing anything and everything to do with books. I love to surround myself with “booknerds” and the book community!

What about you?


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