Doggie Diaries: Millicent P.

Meet Millicent “Millie” P.


We adopted her from the lovely SPCA of Western Quebec at the end of February. Millie was 3-months-old when we got her. A total cutie with wild hair and silly facial expressions. Who could resist this face??

Current Stats:

  • Breed: Not too sure. Terrier Mix. A mutt!
  • Age: 8 months old
  • favourite snacks: Watermelon and Strawberries. She is digging fruit!! (All safe-for-dogs fruit)
  • Favourite toy: Anything she can destroy… her stuffed animals, her tug rope, her balls… ugh.
  • Personality: Hyper! Annoying! Likes to spazz out and run really fast around the house. She is only super adorable when it is crate time. She acts all lovey towards us so that maybe we will forget to put her in the crate! Silly girl.

Enjoy some pictures!