A forever student?


School has officially started! Yay!

It feels odd being back in school.. but I totally missed it. I mentioned in another post that I applied to University part-time (Communications Studies Major) to slowly work towards a degree. I need this in order to get to my ultimate goal of a Master’s of Library Science. It will be a long journey. One class at a time. But I am ok with that! I love my Library Technician Diploma and the job opportunities it allows so I am in no rush to become a Librarian.

I decided to do University differently this time around. Distance Education-style! Such a different experience. I know I am back in school right now but I don’t FEEL like I am. With no classes to attend and working on my own time/at my own pace is odd.. but kind of liberating. I get to continue to work full-time while attending school which alleviates SO MUCH STRESS! Yay! Distance Education FTW.


BUT – finding motivation and avoiding distractions is so hard. I had my first study session at Starbucks yesterday. Coffee + readings is usually a good combo. However, this particular Starbucks seemed to enjoy super loud music and my concentration totally sucked because of it. I would read a sentence..then zone out. So annoying. Today I will hit up the public library instead and hope the quieter atmosphere helps me stay focused. I need to get my readings done like NOW. I do not want to fall behind.

Please send me motivation, speedy reading skills, and lots and lots of coffee!!!

How are you? Heading back to school? What are you/will you be studying?


It’s Already Over??


This week marked the last week of my classes in the two year Library and Information Technician Diploma program at Algonquin College. The next three weeks will be spent doing practical field work and then I will become a graduate! Where has the time gone?!

I am extremely excited to finish up my studies and start my career but I will miss school! I’ve never been part of a more organized and well-balanced program..and that is all thanks to our wonderful Coordinator. I will actually be graduating with confidence in my chosen field! This makes the prospects of being a “grown up” with a career a little less scary!

Thanks Helena!!

So, now that school is coming to an end I will hopefully update this blog more often! No more excuses!!!



Young Adult Books & School

School is finally in session! I am entering my second and final year in the Library and Information Technician program at my local college and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! As much as I am looking forward to school in general, there is one course that I cannot wait to dive in to — Readers Advisory: Teens!
This class consists of excerpts from YA Lit, reading YA books, recommending books and doing projects geared towards getting teens interested in reading! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

I’ve been on a YA kick lately, reading more and more books geared towards teens. And I love it! Some of my favorite reads are YA (Harry Potter, Divergent, Delirium, The Perks of being a Wallflower and the list goes on..)

So, in hopes of getting a head start on book recommendations for teens, what are some of your favorite young adult reads? Any must-reads? What upcoming books should I keep an eye out for?

Eeek I am so beyond excited! #teengirlsqueal

Wedding Bells!!

I’m afraid both my reading and blogging have taken a back seat to the amazing surprise I received earlier this month – a proposal from my boyfriend! On March 2nd, Matt asked me to be his wife while on vacation in Montreal for his birthday weekend. And of course I said yes! So my brain has been bombarded with wedding information, trying our best to put together an affordable wedding in one years time. A date has been set: May 4th, 2013! Colours, bridesmaids and groomsmen have been picked. Now I am desperately searching for a location to hold the ceremony and wedding. I am also working on the guest list, finding a photographer and dj, and all other little details. ‘Tis stressful, but will be worth all the time and effort. Can it be May 4th already??!!

On top of the proposal, I also found out I got accepted in to the Library and Information Technician program at our local college. I’m pretty stoked about that! I start this fall,  and it runs for 2 years. So along with wedding details, I will have school work and exams to manage. We’re also looking for an apartment for May 1st of this year. Busy busy busy!

So my original reading goal of 50 books will probably not happen this year. I’ll just have to take this year in stride, do what I can with the little time I have. I’ll try to get better at this blogging thing. I swear! haha