Wedding Photographer


Just wanted to share the blog post our AMAZING photographer did about our wedding! So cute!! Go visit her site and hire her for your next photo event!!



Wedding + Book = Love <3

May 11, 2013 – My Wedding Day

As numerous posts have mentioned already, I haven’t been around much due to my wedding stealing all of my time and brain power. Now that it is over, I am in the process of finding a new job and getting life back to normal. Reading is still going slowly.. but I hope to get back to reading more and reviewing soon. In the meantime, enjoy some book related pictures from my wedding!

Why Choke by Chuck Palahniuk?

I had just finished reading this book when I met Matt. I was so in love with it that I could not stop talking about it on our first date. Then Matt did something so super amazing that made me fall instantly in love with him .. he went out and bought the book and read the WHOLE thing by our next date so that he and I could chat about it together! ❤ #melt #heart #love ahhhhhhhhh!! SO, we thought it fitting to take a few pictures of us and the book at our wedding. Enjoy!



ShannonMatt_Weddding-269-(ZF-7578-09634-1-269) ShannonMatt_Weddding-270-(ZF-7578-09634-1-270) ShannonMatt_Weddding-271-(ZF-7578-09634-1-271)


Big Day!


Tomorrow is THE big day!
At 4:30pm I will be marrying my super awesome fiancé, Matt!!

And once life settles down, I will actually post some reviews!

Upcoming reviews: The Painted Girls, Insurgent, Delirium!

Stay tuned!!

And perhaps a wedding post? If interested?


Two Weeks <3


In exactly two weeks I will be marrying my best friend!!!!

It is crazy how quickly time is flying by. I feel like it was just a couple of months ago when he asked me to marry him, and now we’re only weeks away from the real deal!!

I CANNOT wait!!!!

Two Months

As you can see from the lack of posts and updates that I have been neglecting the blog quite a bit since early last year. Why? WEDDING planning!! In exactly 2 months today, I will be walking down the aisle towards the most amazing man ever! ❤

My time has been stolen away by planning and school and work. As soon as everything settles down and I get a chance to read more, I will blog more! I promise! lol

In the mean time, I am currently reading the thrilling thriller (yea, I wrote that) Gone Girl! It has definitely brought back some of my forever missing reading mojo. If you’re in a reading funk, I definitely recommend this book to help you get out of it. Not a hard book to read, and not the most amazing writing.. but it is beyond interesting! A whodunnit story with a twist!

In other book related news, this weekend was my bridal shower hosted by my best friends! And guess what theme it was? BOOKS! I walked away with some super awesome vegetarian cookbooks and Chapters gift cards to splurge on books with! Right now I am browsing the website trying to decide what to buy… tough choices!!


So much fun! Never thought I would be having a bridal shower any time soon.. It was beyond amazing though! I have awesome friends ❤

I’ll try to get a book review out soon. Perhaps Gone Girl, once finished!




Wedding Bells!!

I’m afraid both my reading and blogging have taken a back seat to the amazing surprise I received earlier this month – a proposal from my boyfriend! On March 2nd, Matt asked me to be his wife while on vacation in Montreal for his birthday weekend. And of course I said yes! So my brain has been bombarded with wedding information, trying our best to put together an affordable wedding in one years time. A date has been set: May 4th, 2013! Colours, bridesmaids and groomsmen have been picked. Now I am desperately searching for a location to hold the ceremony and wedding. I am also working on the guest list, finding a photographer and dj, and all other little details. ‘Tis stressful, but will be worth all the time and effort. Can it be May 4th already??!!

On top of the proposal, I also found out I got accepted in to the Library and Information Technician program at our local college. I’m pretty stoked about that! I start this fall,  and it runs for 2 years. So along with wedding details, I will have school work and exams to manage. We’re also looking for an apartment for May 1st of this year. Busy busy busy!

So my original reading goal of 50 books will probably not happen this year. I’ll just have to take this year in stride, do what I can with the little time I have. I’ll try to get better at this blogging thing. I swear! haha